Saturday, June 30, 2012

someone I used to know is dead, & thinking about our last encounter I wonder if my parting comment was pleasant or disrespectful


  1. oh dear...I am always interested in commenting on the language, as if there is a conversation going on... I have a strong attraction to the visual elements, however do not see them as having anything to do with one another, exactly. Once you referred to the language as "caption". What does that mean to you? Oh, wait, sometimes the colors are very much a part of the story...or am I just making that up? These are thoughts that often occur to me when I am looking at your work.

  2. usually the captions (titles) have nothing directly to do with the pieces as they were originally created, but they do represent how I view them later as I'm preparing to post them. in this one I chose these colors as suggestive of death. maybe I got it wrong.